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Replica Bags Store,

Welcome to Replica Bags! Whether this is your first time purchasing a replica designer handbag, or this isn’t your first rodeo, you’re on a journey to find a reliable seller that provides quality, all to end your relentless search for the perfect business relationship: staying safe and trendy without breaking the bank.

You’ve probably visited Gucci or Louis Vuitton’s websites before knowing about fake bags.

You noticed the outrageous prices and you likely left disappointed. This is very common for women.

Thankfully, you’ll find that you’re just as satisfied by purchasing replica handbags. They look amazing and they save you a lot of money.

Over the years, you may have done business with a lot of replica sellers and many of you were disappointed. Now, many of our loyal clients strictly do business with us at Replica Bags after horrifying experiences. Our company provides a great service and a wide selection.

But, first thing’s first. Let’s give you a rundown of our quality, as well as the benefits and features you’ll get with us (that nobody else will offer).

Let’s get started.

Is Replica Bags Legit?

Nobody has anywhere near our experience in this market’s logistics (we’ve been around since the start around 25 years ago as “AAA Replicas”).

The majority of other sites have spontaneously erupted within the past 2 years, at most. Additionally, you’re not building a relationship with a one-man business/vendor.

Here, at Replica Bags, you’re doing business with a replica manufacturing business.

All of our leather items are crafted with 100% genuine leather (the imported materials are from Italy). And not any leather, like low-price competitors that use Pig skin, we use fine leather, which inherently means the leather on our handbags absolutely darkens over time, proving they are in fact genuine leather.

The oxidative process itself is not necessarily short with every customer, as each individual’s environment and persona plays a key role in determining the amount of time it takes, but the leather itself absolutely darkens, it just takes time, as it does not occur in a matter of a month; that applies to all items crafted with genuine leather, including authentic items, so no worries.

There’s just no superior quality on the market, and cheaper sites will either scam you or ship you mediocre merchandise.

Vendors/one-man businesses just can’t compete with a manufacturing business’ margins given our position in the chain of distribution, let alone the perks and service we provide (we’re the only manufacturing business in the online market).

So, What's the Estimated Time of Delivery?

We provide free Express shipping to the United States, Canada and Australia. All in all, shipping takes approximately 3 weeks from the date your payment is confirmed.

Shipping has been relatively slow ever since COVID began. It has been taking around 14 to 21 days for tracking numbers to be updated and for the shipment to find an outbound flight.

This is happening because, due to COVID, and there being an immense amount of shipments, GOV shipments are being given top priority, and, being that there is not an infinite amount of flights, there are plenty of shipments that are at airport hangars simply waiting for a flight.

Shipping replica-affiliated items is a completely different process than shipping every-day items precisely because we have to circumvent customs.

Shipping a product through a crazy fast method almost ensures your shipment is seized at customs (a scenario in which most sites will just leave you at a loss or charge you again for a reshipment).

Though we absolutely minimize the likelihood of a seizure because we prioritize our clients’ orders actually arriving safely, we protect our clients with a reshipment free of charge in the rare event of a seizure.

In the event of a seizure by customs, any other site would simply leave you at a loss or charge you again for a reshipment.

Here, at Replica Bags, we’ve got you covered.

Where do my Goodies Ship from? And What Courier's Used?

We either ship from Dubai, HK or Taiwan depending on current seizure rates from specific locations as well as political factors.

We have the lowest seizure rates on the market and ship countless of orders on a daily basis.

As for couriers, we either use UPS, EMS, FedEx or DHL.

Again, our logistics/shipping team takes many factors into account when selecting the ideal courier for your location.

For instance, we typically ship our replicas via UPS to the states, as we’ve found our highest success rates through customs via that method.

What materials are in these bags?

Well, that depends on the model you’re looking for…

The primary materials will be canvas and leather. Though leather has some more sub-types, fundamentally, those are the materials in a designer replica handbag.

However, in the end, all of the materials used throughout the crafting process are of the highest quality, and they are all genuine, authentic materials.