Replica Bags


Please find below an overview of our most frequently asked questions regarding our packaging. Did we not answer your question? Feel free to visit our FAQ or contact us at

Will my order come with a Designer Box?

We ship every order, regardless of its size, along with its respective dust bag. Due to the nature of the replica business, we can only ship items with their respective designer box if they are below 9″. If they are above 9″, they are still shipped with their respective dust bag, etc.. but they are not shipped with their designer box.

But, why?

In the replica industry, shipping an item of that size with a designer box drastically increases its likelihood of being detained and seized by customs, so we only ship items below 9″ with their boxes.

But, another site says they can ship a box...

Any site that ships large items with their box is prone to having substantially large detainment rates at customs, so anybody that tells you, “they can”, is lying to you and will have your shipment seized.

At the very least, anybody that is competent in this market’s logistics will charge you for the shipping so that they’re shipped separately, but, making guarantees about the box arriving in the state it was shipped isn’t possible given that couriers can be careless.

Our focus is the merchandise, and, at the end of the day, what you’ll carry is the merchandise after all, my friend. Boxes can be purchased anywhere online (Poshmark, Ebay, etc…), but not our merchandise.