Replica Bags



As for the photos, we ship as advertised. It’s not going to be the exact same bag, because we took those pictures at a studio session; that exact sample bag’s already been sold.

We can’t take images prior to doing so because we have all of our products in several warehouses (we’re not merely a one-man business/vendor like the rest of sites, but rather a manufacturing business), and taking an image of one product before a payment is even processed isn’t feasible, due to the pace and intensity at which our entire staff operates.

Nonetheless, we ship as advertised. There’s no superior quality; our testimonials truly speak for themselves.

Our images are exclusively ours and were taken at our scheduled studio session. However, we do not own the studio, so other manufacturers can use the same studio to take their pictures.

In other words, just because another site used the same studio does not mean they are of our same quality, especially if they’re listed at a cheaper price.

Every single one of our products have date codes, and they have the date codes of every authentic bag we have purchased for its respective model (we purchase several authentic pieces at boutiques per model). So, it’ll definitely have the date code from either of our authentic bags.

We’ve actually had plenty of clients visit local LV boutiques and come out very satisfied. Of course, we can never guarantee that nobody, such as a trained expert, would be able to differentiate it, but your every-day individual will not be able to differentiate it from its authentic counterpart, so no worries there!
You truly won’t find anything closer to the authentic elsewhere.
P.S. Our celebrity and influencer clientele, who are under the public eye, have never had an issue; it’ll be your little secret.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us within 30 days from the date you received it.

We require you take a picture of the item(s), then touch base with us to process the return after our staff has completed an inspection of the request.

Of course, we will not accept returns/exchanges if it’s clear the product was worn or if the protective coverings have already been removed.

Refunds are issued towards the original payment method and can take up to 7 business days after receiving the return. Nonetheless, you will be responsible for paying the return’s shipping costs.

All of our prices are in USD.


All clients that reside in the states, Canada, or Australia receive Express shipping free of charge. Other countries are subject to a discounted Express shipping rate, as we bear the majority of the shipping cost.

Shipping generally takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

These are replica-affiliated items, and not every-day items. Inherently, the shipping process has to be completely different, as we have to circumvent customs. We’ve been in this market’s logistics for over 25 years, for far, far longer than anybody else.
If you go to a competitor “promising” faster shipping, here is what’ll happen:
For starters, anyone claiming they can offer super fast shipping right now (without compromising the integrity of your shipment through customs) are being blatantly dishonest; they’re either scamming you, or they’re forcing a sale and will have it seized at customs (either due to their clear inexperience in terms of this market’s logistics, or because they’ll have your shipment seized at customs and leave you at a loss). These are replicas, and not every-day items, so its shipping procedure is a completely different process given customs has to be circumvented.

If your order is seized at customs with another site, you will be charged again for the shipment or you will be left at a loss. We are the only site that, although we have the lowest seizure rates on the market, we provide a reshipment free-of-charge. 

We declare our shipments as gifts with a value of approximately $30 USD, so import fees are essentially negligible.

We either use UPS, EMS, FedEx or DHL.

Our logistics/shipping team takes many factors into account when selecting the ideal courier for your location.

For instance, we typically ship our replicas via UPS to the states, as we’ve found our highest success rates through customs via that method.

All of our prices are in USD.